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The New PanFS® with Dynamic Data Acceleration

Automatically Adapt to Changing HPC and AI Workloads

All Hot – All the Time: The Most Adaptable HPC Storage

Predictable and consistent high-performance storage in the face of change.

You need a consistently fast, total-performance HPC storage solution that automatically adapts to the changing files sizes and mixed workloads that dominate today’s HPC and AI landscape.

You are ready for PanFS® with Dynamic Data Acceleration.

No tuning – no manual intervention – no headaches

We have taken the complexity and manual intervention out of tiered HPC storage systems by maximizing the efficiency of all storage media in a seamless system.

In this integrated system, NVMe SSDs store metadata, low-latency SSDs store small files, and large files are stored on high-bandwidth HDDs to deliver the highest possible performance at the lowest cost for HPC and AI workflows.

Learn why PanFS® with Dynamic Data Acceleration is the most adaptable HPC storage.

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