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Data Sheets

Panasas ActiveStor InfiniBand Router 400

A Scalable and Cost-Effective High-Performance Connection to InfiniBand Network Fabric

Scientific and technical computing, mathematical modeling and software simulation, high performance data analytics, and AI/ML applications require highly robust and scalable networks to support the massive throughput demands of high-speed HPC systems. The Panasas® ActiveStor® InfiniBand Router (ASR-400) provides seamless connectivity between InfiniBand-based compute clusters and Ethernetbased Panasas ActiveStor Ultra storage solutions.


Panasas ActiveStor Director 200

Built for Price/Performance, Engineered for Manageability

The Panasas® ActiveStor® Director 200 (ASD-200) is the control plane for the ActiveStor high-performance scale-out network attached storage (NAS) solution. The ASD-200 is a disaggregated appliance built on industry standard hardware, enabling independent scaling of metadata to meet the requirements of metadata intensive workloads.

ASD-200 nodes control many aspects of the overall storage system including namespace management, distribution and consistency of user data on storage nodes, system health, failure recovery, and gateway functionality.

ActiveStor systems powered by the Panasas PanFS® parallel file system and composed of ASD-200 directors and Panasas storage nodes increase both performance and capacity by the same factor with nearly perfect scaling.


Accelerate the Speed of Discovery – Set the Pace in Change

Consistent HPC uptime is critical in the Life Sciences. Architecture determines how data is accessed, how quickly and with what risk. Processing speed can literally change the rules of scientific discovery.

Read the datasheet to learn which parallel file systems deliver the greatest chance of success across these variables:

  • Resource requirements to purchase and maintain HPC
  • Measurable costs of system downtime and recovery
  • Reduced productivity from infrastructure failures
  • The immense cost to discovery if storage issues persist

PanFS’ newly enhanced architecture consistently delivers more adaptability and performance than any major competitor. In fact, it’s all hot   – all the time – no tuning or tiering required. What HPC storage system could be better than that? None.


Reduce the Risk of Unpredictable Loss of Data

Pressures on Life Science Researchers and Research IT are immense. When you factor in exponentially growing data demands, aging storage systems, and overworked staff, it may seem that downtime and data loss are inevitable.

Panasas systems are built with several data protection features – with less expense and more performance:

  • Parallel Architecture means no NAS heads and no redundant backup purchases
  • Data Nodes are dedicated to metadata processing and storage, and allow erasure coding
  • Automatic passive and active balancing to add storage without retuning
  • Linear scalability in rebuild speed and data performance.


Control the Data Deluge – Scale up storage with performance, reliability, and security

Life sciences organizations are facing an exponential increase of data prompted by advances in imaging technologies and growing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the same time, you need your staff to be focus on supporting research partners and less on maintaining storage systems.

Panasas offers a superior solution for seamless data management and scaling:

  • NVMe, SSD, and HDDs included in all systems, seamlessly managed to optimize your metadata, small file, and large file data placement
  • Automatic passive and active balancing to add storage without retuning
  • Parallel and direct file storage to maximize performance, and a range of devices to support mixed workloads
  • File-level protection to speed up rebuild after failure, increasing data availability and reliability as you expand.


Panasas Activestor Ultra

The new innovative Panasas® ActiveStor® Ultra scale-out, parallel file system storage appliance delivers the extreme performance, enterprise grade reliability and manageability required to process the large and complex datasets associated with HPC workloads and emerging applications like AI, precision medicine, autonomous driving, AR and VR.


PanFS® High Performance Parallel File System

PanFS on Panasas ActiveStor® Ultra leverages 20 years of experience in the most demanding HPC environments to deliver a powerful combination of high performance, management simplicity, workload-and-configuration flexibility, rock-solid reliability, and lowest TCO.


ActiveStor Prime 100

ActiveStor Prime 100 is based on a modern Intel SoC CPU foundation and delivers lower power and heat dissipation. You can start small and linearly scale capacity beyond 57PB.


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