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PanFS on ActiveStor:

Automatically Adapts to Evolving Workloads to Deliver a Consistently Fast, Total-performance HPC Storage Solution

The new PanFS® with Dynamic Data Acceleration technology delivers predictable high performance by automatically adapting to the changing and evolving small file and mixed workloads that dominate today’s HPC and AI landscape.

Product Showcase

ActiveStor Ultra

ActiveStor Ultra with PanFS Dynamic Data Acceleration maximizes the efficiency all storage media in a seamless, total-performance storage system that automatically adapts to changing file sizes and workloads. PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra lets you unleash innovative, complex high-performance computing projects, so you can gain essential insights faster than ever.

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ActiveStor Prime

ActiveStor Prime is the only parallel scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution with integrated networking that combines the broadest, highest density with the most flexible range of flash and hard drive options to meet your exact workload needs today and in the future.

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ActiveStor InfiniBand Router

ActiveStor InfiniBand Router provides seamless connectivity between InfiniBand-based computer clusters and Ethernet-based ActiveStor storage solutions.

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Set-It-and-Forget-It Storage

PanFS on ActiveStor delivers simplicity, speed, reliability, and low total cost of ownership:

  • Consistently high performance, regardless of workload
  • Surprising simplicity
  • Affordable cost of acquisition and management
  • Frustration-free deployment, operation, and maintenance
  • Unparalleled reliability

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