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Multi-Layer Security

High performance computing (HPC) aggregates multiple resources to solve complex and computationally intensive applications. Using parallel processing, high-speed networks, and parallel file systems, HPC systems quickly and reliably process enormous amounts of data.

As with enterprise data centers, HPC environments have strenuous security requirements to actively defend the network and the data. However, HPC systems have the added challenge of providing these safeguards without any performance degradation. This secure and performant HPC system can be implemented effectively and efficiently using a multi-layer security model.

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Safeguarding Data with PanFS at Multiple Layers

Together with scalability, performance, reliability, and ease of management, PanFS is delivering on security by safeguarding data with a layered defense approach. PanFS facilitates extensive, performant, and cost effective security policies with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) per-file security label support enabling SELinux and Multi-Level Security (MLS) policies.

PanFS also defends the data layer with a fully managed hardware-based encryption-at-rest implementation working with well-established cyber security key management partners like Thales TCT and reinforces the perimeter layer with fine-grained filesystem access control lists (ACLs). The result is that PanFS delivers security and safeguarding of customer data with zero performance impact for exponentially growing HPC and AI/ML workloads.

SELinux Security Label

Adding to its rich attribute model history, PanFS DirectFlow provides SELinux security labels support quickly and efficiently. Used with SELinux and Multi-Level Security (MLS), Panasas enables security at the policies level.

Filesystem ACLs

PanFS supports Access Control Lists (ACLs), filtering access on each file and directory. Providing more granular control over which user accounts can execute which operations than traditional mode bits, Panasas delivers access control security at the perimeter layer.


Hardware-based with zero performance or cost impact, PanFS delivers AES 256-bit encryption-at-rest and automatic cryptographic erasure through SED technologies. Fully managed and compatible with industry leading KMIP key management solutions, Panasas ensures security at the data layer.