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Linear Scalability

Storage that Scales Performance Linearly and Efficiently

As your data grows, your storage should expand quickly and cost-effectively. PanFS® on ActiveStor® Ultra is built on an object back-end that scales limitlessly—offering low total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimal management effort. By delivering faster time to results and accelerating workflows, PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra boosts user productivity.

Surprisingly Simple Management

The Panasas® PanFS storage operating system provides a single point of management across all systems and data. It ensures efficient, high-level linear performance and scalability with:

  • Easy GUI-based management with Panasas ActiveStor Manager
  • Monitor performance with status summaries, event listings, and reports
  • Configure blade sets, volumes, snapshots, user and group quotas, NFS exports, CIFS shares, NDMP, and Netgroups
  • Display system, shelf and node-level reports, and diagnostics
  • Configure network and security settings, SSH keys, and SNMP
  • Version history, upgrade software, file lock management, and diagnostic tracing

Exceptional Performance, Manageability, and Reliability

The PanFS on ActiveStor Ultra solution achieves linear scalability in real-world deployments with more than 100 ActiveStor shelves and up to 45PB of capacity in a single namespace. It takes care of itself, initiating and controlling maintenance operations and recovery actions. And fully automated online failure recovery ensures unparalleled reliability.