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Timely Analysis and Insight

Identify threats by quickly processing huge volumes of intelligence data and conducting realistic scenario simulations. The Panasas® ActiveStor® solution delivers high-performance parallel processing with unmatched reliability and availability, enabling timely analysis that helps you protect valuable assets and enhance national security.

Protecting Against Dangers

Because threats are constantly changing and more difficult to recognize, you need a powerful, highly available storage solution that can support information gathering from a wide range of sources, realistic scenario simulations, and predictive analysis.

Exceptional Performance and Reliability

Rapid response is everything for intelligence professionals. ActiveStor offers powerful, highly available parallel processing that you can count on to quickly gather huge data volumes, analyze scenarios, and identify threats.

Accelerated Processing icon

Powerful Data Processing

Supports high-performance computing through superior mixed-workload handling

Growth Capacity

Adapts by scaling up or out to handle even very large data sets

Higher Analyst Productivity

Delivers plug-and-play high performance so analysts can quickly simulate even complex scenarios

Dependable Technology

Provides extremely reliable, available solutions that deliver instant insight

Financial Modeling