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The Latest Happenings

Designing HPC Solutions for Financial Services

May 12, 2021
Save Your Seat at Our Webinar
Receive £25 amazon e-gift card for attending this webinar and filling out a post-event survey.

Financial services organizations are often left facing the challenges that arise from cobbling together HPC components for performance, reliability, manageability and ultimately increased profits through improved algorithmic trading and risk strategies and analyses.

Join BIOS IT and Panasas for an overview of their HPC Solution for Financial Services and the BIOS IT turnkey approach from design and testing at the BIOS IT Labs, to setup and services, and enterprise support. Learn More

Panasas Presents at Global STAC Live
Spring 2021 Innovation Roundup

May 12, 2021
Neighbors can be both a blessing and a curse – that holds true (and can often be harder to cope with) in high-performance storage as well.

Join us on Tuesday, May 18 @ 9:30am PT /12:30pm ET in this year’s Global STAC Live Spring 2021 Innovation Roundup where Ellis Wilson, Ph.D., software architect, discusses how Panasas ActiveStor Ultra is designed to mitigate the problems noisy storage neighbors pose without eliminating their benefits.

Then join Ellis and the Panasas team in the Global STAC Live Tech Lounge after the Innovation Roundup session to continue the discussion and how we can help address your storage challenges. Learn More

UT Dallas Grows HPC Storage Footprint for Animation and Game Development

October 28, 2020
Computer-generated animation and video game development are extraordinarily computationally intensive fields, with studios often requiring large server farms with hundreds of terabytes – or even petabytes – of storage. At the University of Texas at Dallas, the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication (ATEC) prepares students to become professionals in these fields – and now, it’s boasting a massive 490 TB Panasas storage solution to support these compute- and storage-intensive programs… Learn More

Panasas ActiveStor Data Storage Supports Materials Research for Dozens of Scientists Conducting Intensive 4D Modeling Studies at MINES ParisTech University

October 7, 2020
Researchers at MINES ParisTech, one of France’s most prestigious engineering schools, have implemented Panasas® ActiveStor® high-performance computing (HPC) data storage to support the rapidly growing research efforts at the university’s Materials Research Center… Learn More


Why commercial HPC is different: A look at the storage requirements in commercial HPC settings

October 6, 2020
For years, government research labs and major academic computing centers have been the proving ground for all new high-performance computing (HPC) technology such as the latest CPU’s and GPU’s, high-performance networking and parallel file system storage. These organizations continually push the envelope with custom technology builds that allow them to run the most realistic models and simulations, and work with the largest datasets. Eventually, most of the HPC technology used in these labs makes its way into commercial HPC settings… Learn More


Panasas Picked for SUNY Supercomputing Center

September 1, 2020
The University of Buffalo in New York state has bought 1.5PB of Panasas ActiveStor Ultra to provide high-bandwidth parallel access file storage for its Center for Computational Research. This provides computing resources to the 64 campuses within the State University of New York network and supports UB researchers and affiliated partners… Learn More


Lowering the Temperature of HPC Storage Tiering

August 24, 2020
Storage in the ever-expanding HPC space has traditionally been based on temperature. The tiering architecture that has arisen has had “hot” data that is frequently accessed is placed in faster storage systems, while “warm” data – that which is accessed less frequently – is put into somewhat slower storage. “Cold,” rarely accessed data is rarely accessed and placed in even slower storage systems. Organizations also have to have policies and software in place to access data and from it one to place to another as needed… Learn More


I Really Don’t Care About TCO … It’s RCO I am Worried About

August 20, 2020
A look at what we are calling Research Cost of Ownership (RCO) and the effect of HPC storage downtime and reduced productivity on the overall scientific mission.

Consistent uptime is critical so researchers can run more experiments, bringing them closer to discovery. But if you can’t get things done in a fast, productive way, then you’re courting failure. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that many HPC storage technologies are vulnerable to downtime and as a result, negatively impact productivity and slow down progress… Learn More


UC San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation increases storage capacity to meet demand for COVID research

July 2, 2020
Researchers at the UC San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMI), have expanded their Panasas high-performance computing (HPC) storage infrastructure with an additional two petabytes (PB) of ActiveStor data storage to support the growing number of I/O-intensive tasks related to COVID-19 research.

In recent months CMI began redirecting many of its efforts to better understand how the human microbiome is involved in the development and severity of COVID-19. Researchers have since been evaluating samples from patients worldwide to find biological and epidemiological discoveries about the SARS-CoV-2 virus… Learn More


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