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ActiveStor 14

Panasas® ActiveStor® 14 is an advanced hybrid scale-out NAS solution designed to maximize mixed workload performance in technical computing environments. While ActiveStor has always been valued for its high throughput capability, ActiveStor 14 also delivers strong small file and metadata performance by leveraging high capacity hard drives and Solid State Drives (SSDs) in the same system. Based on a fifth-generation storage blade architecture and the Panasas PanFS® storage operating system, ActiveStor 14 accelerates technical computing workflows while delivering the easy management and robust reliability demanded by enterprise and research organizations in the energy, finance, government, life sciences, manufacturing, and media markets.


Maximum Performance and Scalability

ActiveStor eliminates the many scalability and performance bottlenecks associated with legacy NAS architectures. Simply scale out the number of blade enclosures to non-disruptively increase the capacity and performance of the global file system as storage requirements grow. Parallel access to data and automated load balancing ensure that performance is optimized and hotspots are eliminated. This makes it easy to linearly scale capacity to over eight petabytes and performance to a staggering 1.4M IOPS or 150GB/s, the industry’s highest single file system throughput per terabyte of enterprise SATA storage.


A single point of management for a single, scalable file system allows storage administrators to focus on managing data instead of their storage systems. Capacity and performance planning, mount point management, and data load balancing across multiple pools of storage are all common administration problems that are easily solved with Panasas storage. Intelligent object RAID optimizes data placement, boosting performance and reliability. Data is safeguarded by both horizontal (blade-based) and vertical (disk-based) parity, greatly increasing system reliability and availability. ActiveStor 14 is fully compatible with ActiveStor 11 and ActiveStor 12 within a single storage system, enabling simple integration and varying levels of performance for different workloads in private cloud deployments.


ActiveStor 14 appliances provide exceptional performance at an affordable price, storing large files on high capacity SATA drives while leveraging SSD technology to accelerate small file and metadata performance for lightning-fast response times. The platform is available in two models—ActiveStor 14 combines high density with exceptional throughput (GB/s) while the turbocharged ActiveStor 14T leverages larger cache and SSD capacity to maximize small file IOPS performance while maintaining best-in-class bandwidth performance. Both models offer excellent investment protection, increased storage utilization rates, and simplified management. ActiveStor delivers a compelling total cost of ownership while fully satisfying the big data requirements of even the most I/O intensive technical computing applications.

Features & Benefits

Scale-Out NAS Architecture Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance consists of modular Panasas ActiveStor storage blades running the Panasas PanFS storage operating system. Simply add more 4U shelves to non-disruptively expand capacity and performance.
Optimized Price/Performance Integrated SSD/SATA tier: high-speed SSD drives for faster access to metadata and small files combined with cost-effective, high capacity SATA drives to provide the best price/performance.
Fully Integrated Parallel File System Panasas PanFS delivers a parallel file system with a single, scalable namespace. PanFS offers a fully journaled, fully distributed, and globally coherent read/write cache and stores files as smart data objects, dynamically distributing and load balancing data transfer operations across the blade architecture.
Scalability Scales to over 8 petabytes and up to 150GB/s or 1.4M IOPS of aggregate performance, accessed by as many as 12,000 clients. Throughput and IOPS scale linearly with capacity. Automated load-balancing ensures optimal performance and eliminates hot spots.
High Availability No single points of failure. Self-healing design protects against failures throughout the system, including disk, storage blade, director blade, and power failures. Redundant networking data paths with automatic failover.
Advanced Data Protection and Reliability Intelligent per-file object RAID optimizes reliability, based on file size and performance requirements. Data is safeguarded by sophisticated dual parity algorithms, based on separate horizontal (blade) and vertical (disk) parity protection. With ActiveStor, only damaged objects are rebuilt, not entire drives, minimizing rebuild times. More importantly, RAID constructions are performed in parallel to rapidly restore data protection in case of blade failure. This means that, unlike traditional storage systems, ActiveStor rebuilds get faster as the system grows.
Simplified Management Single point of management via GUI or CLI. Enterprise management features include snapshots and user & group quotas. System sets up in under ten minutes. System scaling is performed without downtime.
Protocol Support Panasas® DirectFlow® parallel NFS, NFS v3 (UDP or TCP), SMB 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 (CIFS), NDMP, SNMP, LDAP, ADS
Client Support Linux®, Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®


System Specifications ActiveStor 14 ActiveStor 14T
ActiveStor Generation Fifth Fifth
Suitability Price/performance: high capacity and throughput Highest performance for mixed workloads of large and small files
Max. System Capacity(1) 8.3PB 8.48PB
Max. System Throughput (2) 150GB/s 150GB/s
Max. System IOPS - 4KB File, Random Read(3) 1,300,000 1,400,000
Max. Tested Configuration - Shelves per System(1) 100 100
Per-shelf Specifications  
Capacity per Shelf(2) 81.2TB 84.8TB or 44.8TB
HDD Capacity (TB)(2) 80 80
SSD Capacity (TB)(2) 1.2 or 3.0 4.8
% SSD Storage 1.5% 5.7% or 10.7%
Drive Configuration (2) 20 x 3.5" Enterprise SATA + 10 x 1.8" MLC SSD 20 x 3.5" Enterprise SATA + 10 x 1.8" MLC SSD
ECC Memory (GB of Cache)(2) 92 172
Max. Throughput, Write (MB/s)(2) 1600 1600
Max. Throughput, Read (MB/s)(2) 1500 1500
Max. IOPS(3) 13,550 14,150
Supported Blade Configurations (Director Blade + Storage Blade) 1+10, 2+9, or 3+8. Also 0+11 for expansion. 1+10, 2+9, or 3+8. Also 0+11 for expansion.
Switch Modules per Shelf Two Two
Networking Uplinks per Switch Module 1 x 10GbE SFP+/CX4 or 4 x GbE Copper 1 x 10GbE SFP+/CX4 or 4 x GbE Copper
Additional 10GbE Networking per Director Blade 2 x 10GbE SFP+ 2 x 10GbE SFP+
High Availability Link Aggregation with Network Failover Support Yes Yes
InfiniBand Router Compatibility Yes Yes
Power Supply 1050W 1+1 redundant auto-switching 100–240VAC (47–63Hz) 1050W 1+1 redundant auto-switching 100–240VAC (47–63Hz)
Power Consumption at 208VAC, Typical/Max. In-rush/Max. 4.8A/30A/7.0A 4.8A/30A/7.0A
Thermal Rating, Typical (BTU/hr) 3500 3500
Environmentals (Operational) 50–95° F / 10–35° C, 10–90% relative humidity, non-condensing. Derating applies at altitude. 50–95° F / 10–35° C, 10–90% relative humidity, non-condensing. Derating applies at altitude.
Max. Weight 150 lb. / 68 kg. 150 lb. / 68 kg.
Dimensions (HxWxD) 7.0” (4U) x 19.0” x 26” / 17.78 cm x 48.26 cm x 66.04 cm 7.0” (4U) x 19.0” x 26” / 17.78 cm x 48.26 cm x 66.04 cm

(1) No enforced limits. Max tested configuration – 100 shelves
(2) Per shelf based on a 1+10 blade configuration
(3) Per shelf based on a 2+9 blade configuration