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ActiveStor Appliances

Panasas® ActiveStor® is the world's only hybrid scale-out NAS solution designed to accelerate enterprise and research technical computing applications. ActiveStor is easy to manage regardless of scale. Based on an advanced bladed architecture and tightly integrated Panasas PanFS® storage operating system, ActiveStor accelerates applications while delivering the enterprise reliability demanded by technical computing organizations in the energy, finance, government, life sciences, manufacturing, media, and other research sectors.

Introducing ActiveStor 14

Panasas ActiveStor AppliancesThe world's fastest parallel storage system just got faster with Panasas ActiveStor 14. By accelerating small file performance with leading-edge Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, ActiveStor 14 delivers extreme performance - accelerating time-to-results for technical computing and big data workloads in enterprise and research environments. The solution integrates seamlessly into heterogeneous IT environments as a result of enterprise-grade interoperability with Linux, Unix, and Windows systems.

Which ActiveStor Appliance is Right for You?

ActiveStor 14 appliances provide exceptional performance at an affordable price. As a hybrid scale-out NAS appliance, ActiveStor 14 stores large files on high capacity SATA drives while leveraging SSD technology to accelerate small file and metadata performance for lightning-fast response times. ActiveStor 14 combines high density with exceptional throughput (GB/s) while the turbocharged ActiveStor 14T leverages larger cache and SSD capacity to maximize small file IOPS performance. ActiveStor 11 offers a high performance, value-priced alternative for customers with tight budget constraints or those with smaller capacity requirements.

  ActiveStor 14T ActiveStor 14 ActiveStor 11
Performance Highest IOPS and highest throughput High IOPS and highest throughput High throughput
Capacity 40TB - 8PB 80TB - 8PB 40TB - 6PB
Suitability Finance, Enterprise IT, Manufacturing Life Sciences, Academic Research, Energy, Government, Manufacturing, Media Academic Research, smaller configurations

All ActiveStor models offer excellent investment protection, increased storage utilization rates and simplified management at an affordable price. As a result, ActiveStor delivers an attractive total cost of ownership while fully addressing the big data requirements of even the most I/O intensive computing applications.